Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My poem .

Dear Modern Teenager ,
Im sorry im more than what meets the eye ,
Im sorry i dont setttle for just any guy ,
Dear Modern Teenager ,
Im sorry i dont dress like you ,
For what ?
For who ?
Dear Modern Teenager ,
Are you that naive ?
you have to pull all these tricks you have from up your sleeve ?
Dear Modern Teenager ,
Do you have to requote your favorite rappers quote ?
Why not take notes ?
Sick back , taake time to react ,
Dear Modern Teenager ,
is it possible you have a number one fan ?
doing whatever it takes to get your man ,
Dear modern teenager ,
are yu the same?
or is it i have all the other kids to blame ?
Dear modern teenager , remember my name ,
not because i seek the fame but because im the blame for the reason you`ve changed.
modern teenager , now i have you to blame for the reason ive let you change .

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